Two Story Homes Versus One Story Homes – Which Has Better Resale Value?

In the real estate market, some homes sell better than others. Homes with updated features tend to sell faster than homes with older fixtures. Properties with large acreages of land sometimes sell better than homes with small yards. Houses with vinyl siding have a better resale value than buildings that have wood siding or some other older exteriors. But if you’re looking in the Minneapolis real estate market, you might wonder if a one-story or two-story home has a better resale value. Here are some things to consider about two-story homes so you can decide if it’s the best decision for your home buying needs.

Advantages of Two-Story Homes

Two-story homes give more living space without taking up a larger amount of land. Instead of being spread out, two-story homes are built “up” instead of out. This gives you a bigger backyard or a bigger front yard for letting your children play or for entertaining guests.

Two-story homes give the home a better resale value in the Minneapolis real estate market. Many potential homebuyers are searching for two-story homes because it gives them more floor space for bedrooms and other rooms. As a result, you can put a higher price on the home because they are in higher demand.

Some two-story homes have basements. That means three floors of living space that you can turn into bedrooms, office space or anything else that you need. Imagine turning the entire basement into a play area for your children or creating a game room with the other two floors used entirely for bedrooms.

Two-story homes have great views from the second floor. Balconies are a great selling point for many two-story homes because they are romantic. Other homeowners enjoy looking out over the neighborhood from the privacy of an overhead balcony.

Bedrooms on the second story have more privacy. Many times, people walking down the sidewalk might get a glimpse of you in your bedroom if it’s on the first floor. But if you have your bedrooms on the second floor, you have more privacy from the people on the streets.

Before making your final decision about buying a one-story or two-story home, consider the advantages of a two-story building. Of course, there are disadvantages to every type of home or property, but two-story homes have many more advantages than drawbacks. Contact an Minneapolis realtor today to get a home with a great resale value at an affordable price.